Youth Entrepreneurs: New Generation VS. The Rest of Us
Written by Maude Johnson on December 15, 2018

When you think about the generation that is coming up with phones at their fingertips before their bottles, and reading is swiping across a screen as opposed to turning a page: I am NOT that generation. You're probably not either.

We don't understand how they live just as the generation before misunderstood, but it's much worse. There's been an exponential change and growth and difference between Us and Them. I say "Us" because we are grouped together by the lessons we were taught. The world, to Us, was going to school listening to your teacher, raising your hand, listening for the bell to ring, going home on a bus, doing homework by pencil-learning how to write and in cursive. I call "Them" that stare into their phones 24/7, have virtual classes and learning not just from their teacher, but from Google, and YouTube, and YouTube Channels. They are people with the ability to literally see a dream with just a drop of technology.

We're not used to that.

We're used to dreaming for a long time and working hard every day; hours upon hours upon time away from family , just to get a glimpse of our dream. To Us, even time is spelled and defined differently to Them.

So... how can we come together? How can we believe their dreams and ideas?

First, we need confirmation. We need someone to tell us it IS okay. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own head. Most times, we just need to trust Them.

Trust comes with ups and downs, because it doesn't understand what's right and wrong. It doesn't understand failure and success. Trust only understands the work. The way you move, the things you say and what you do is based on your trust. We must give Them our trust to keep them moving forward. We must keep trust in mind when truth has no meaning. When sanity is coming into question, trust is the only answer, especially when belief and faith is at an all-time low.

Trust will set US free!

Maude Johnson

Maude Johnson helps youth entrepreneurs grow their business.  She is an expert at helping the youth get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand, as well as working with the parents to ensure a strong support system is in place to aid in their success.
If you're interested in getting help for your child to grow their business and scale up then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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