You've got to do EVERYTHING to grow your kid's business... NOT!!!!
Written by Maude Johnson on December 16, 2018
We see others on TV. We hear them on the radio. Along with their podcast, we watch them on YouTube on repeat and subscribe to their channel. We're following them on Instagram, Twitter, liking their Facebook posts, commenting anywhere we can-wanting more and watching how they work. But are you watching how they work ? What work is being done? What work are you doing by watching them? What work are you doing by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, (does anyone even post on Pinterest?) Do you still use ____? (fill in the blank with any other platforms)

Oh, and the stories and blogs, let's not forget the blogs. The comments; back and forth conversations. Of course, you KNOW you have to get on TV, and let me tell you about those celebrity photo ops! All of that is needed to get that business growing and soaring, right?? However, may I ask, with all of this, when do you have the time to actually "work" on your business?

Let's sit here and think about this from a numbers perspective. My background deals with analyzing numbers so that's the only way I understand, and maybe you can understand, too. You can't fight with numbers!

So, you have 20 hours a week to run your business. Within that 20 hours, you are doing a variety of things mentioned above. How many hours are you giving each task? Be sure to include the prep time for each: thinking about a blog topic, completing travel, etc. for an appearance/interview, posting updates of your activities, working on your product/service, and all in between. To make this an easy example, we will evenly distribute the time amongst 5 activities, 4 hours per activity. In one week of 20 hours, only 4 of them were spent on your actual business! You wasted the other 16 doing what you believe will grow the business. In reality, it's taking you away from it! 

SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!

Now, on the contrary, there is the argument that an interview with a celebrity or a magazine will push you out onto the main stage and everyone will see you and want your product/service. This is 100% true! But you're missing one KEY factor: TIME.

Yes, your business will see a bump in sales, everyone will talk about your "spotlight" and it's great! Yet, what happens after a week, after a month? Are your sales consistent? Does anyone even remember your product/service? (as there was another interview the next week with someone having just as much drive and energy as you!)

What do you do next?

Gotta get back on the big screen! More interviews! Even MORE MORE MORE! Now your 20 hours a week for your business is more like prepping for the next big event! Could you imagine if all that time and effort was used solely on the business? All 20 of those hours spent purely on your product/service, which also means you're spending time providing customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

Can you imagine the increase of sales on a consistent basis by just doing ONE thing? It may sound crazy, but the math don't lie!

Challenge yourself, just work on your product/service. Just say NO to everything else.

I'd love to get your feedback in a month!

Maude Johnson

Maude Johnson helps youth entrepreneurs grow their business.  She is an expert at helping  youth get customers using online methods and making things super simple to understand, as well as working with the parents to ensure a strong support system is in place to aid in their success.
If you're interested in getting help for your child to grow their business and scale then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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