5 simple ways to create a limitless environment using limitless language with your kids
Written by Maude Johnson on December 18, 2018
Would you consider your home environment to be the place where dreams are born and thrive? It is a dwelling of ever-changing thought and understanding. At least, this should be the environment for a child's happy, thoughtful, curious, and courageous mind. It should be boundless in opportunity and growth. Do you believe your home environment is limitless? No need to fear, here are 5 easy ways to get it going, just by the words you use!

1. Eliminate NO, STOP, and DON'T. Incorporate more questions.

This has to be one of the hardest ideas to grasp (and why I listed it first), but with practice, it becomes second nature. No, stop, and don't are probably the first words heard by your child as an infant. I know it was the first for my son. How else are you supposed to guide them in the right direction? What about asking a question! Not only does it require a response, it also takes thought process and an understanding. Instead of screaming NO! you're encouraging cognitive thinking/reasoning. Here are some examples:

Eliminate: No, don't touch that!
Incorporate: Are you supposed to have that in your hand?

Eliminate: Stop that whining!
Incorporate: Is that how a big boy/girl talks? Please use your words.

Eliminate: Pay attention!
Incorporate: Is it easier to do 5 things at once, or would you rather do just one?

Eliminate: STOP playing those video games and do your homework!
Incorporate: Have you proven to yourself that you understand what you learned at school today?

Eliminate: Don't give me that backtalk!
Incorporate: Is there something you have to say that would benefit us both in this situation?

2.  Anything is possible! You've got to try it out for yourself.

Encourage the journey to find an answer, or solution, or just to experience the process. I'm sure you already know the answer and outcome, but what fun it is to see it on their face!

3. Failure? Whatever!

You cannot fail! There's no way possible! Literally. If you don't even act and do it, there's no failure. When you do something, and the result isn't what you expected, it's a surprise! What a treat!

4. Believe it. 

Yes, pigs can fly. The moon is made of cheese, and the sky IS blue, duh! Why not believe everything! When it happens, and you begin to correlate different ideas and beliefs together, logic comes into play. Logic will help the belief come true, or only true, IF.

Pigs can fly, IF they are connected to a rocket with wings.
The sky is blue, IF the only color in the spectrum reaching our eyes is blue.
The moon is made of cheese, IF we put all the cows together and made cheese consistently for over 1,000 years and then launched it into space as one giant cheese ball!

This is pure comedy! You've got to believe it ALL!

5. What's next?

That's the million-dollar idea starter. What's next? you've made it this far, you've achieved your goal, what's next? Never stop. NEVER.

… see there, easy-peasy! Now, its your turn!

Enjoy :D

Maude Johnson

Maude Johnson helps youth entrepreneurs grow their business. She is an expert at helping youth get customers using online methods and making things super simple to understand, as well as working with the parents to ensure a strong support system is in place to aid in their success. 
If you're interested in getting help for your child to grow their business and scale then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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