Written by Maude Johnson on December 15, 2018
When you think about the generation that is coming up with phones at their fingertips before their bottles, and reading is swiping across a screen as opposed to turning a page: I am NOT that generation. You're probably not, either.
Written by Maude Johnson on December 16, 2018
We see others on TV, We hear them on the radio. Along with their podcast, we watch them on YouTube, on repeat, and subscribe to their channel. We're following them on Instagram, Twitter, liking their Facebook posts, commenting anywhere we can-wanting more and watching how they work. But are you watching how they work?
Written by Maude Johnson on December 18, 2018

Would you consider your home environment to be the place where dreams are born and thrive? It is a dwelling of ever-changing thought and understanding. At least, this should be the environment for a child's happy, thoughtful, curious, and courageous mind. It should be boundless in opportunity and growth. Do you believe your home environment is limitless? No need to fear, here are 5 easy ways to get it going, just by the words you use!

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